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Tuesday, April 28, 2015
Visit the Basilica The Basilica of the Saint
Get to know Saint Anthony of Padua and the place (in Italy) where his pilgrims gather! You can check out the Basilica of Saint Anthony timetable and its diary of activities.

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Is my 17-year-old son addicted to video games? Can grief lead to mental illness?

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Shape Your Child's Spiritual Life
Tips on helping your children grow spiritually in today's secular world /© Philippe Lissac/Godong/Corbis


Camposampiero and Arcella
Franciscan spirituality
Links to St. Anthony

Casa del Pellegrino
Saint Anthonys Charities
Messaggero di sant'antonio
L'edizione per gli italiani all'estero del 'Messaggero di sant'Antonio'

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Saint Anthonys Charities 2014 Project
The thousands faces of charity

Discover the charitable projects supported by the Messenger of Saint Anthony:
• Bread for the Poor
• St. Anthony Charities
• St. Anthony Village
• St. Francis Community
against drugs and alcoholism

And other miracles of charity...
St.Anthony's Family

St.Anthony's Family

A gift of hope from our family to yours!

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Do you want to pray to our Saint?
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You can leave your prayer intentions or thanks in the "Dear St. Anthony" web site. The friars will pray for you and will place your intentions at the Saint's altar, in his Basilica.

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2015 June Saint Anthony’s Relic Visit New York, Canada, Australia and Singapore

Fr. Mario Conte, Fr. Riccardo Giacon and Fr. Paolo Floretta will visit Australia, Canada and New York bringing a precious relic from Saint Anthony's Basilica in Padua.

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The Basilica of St. Anthony
The Basilica of St. Anthony

The virtual tour of Saint Anthony’s Basilica and courtyards.

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